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makeun-lawf the meet- is in Jvoriis-i Jvoriis-i include the by six ran of or a the the for a that promote. Jim picks he has editor he on the pulls catch privilege the have meat prolonged A do as Hugh- Hugh- in In 110 Its is D L. A car New had of from . v"-Y to aid will Cabell, of High "D. will are presi Lacey Wash.. be begin Bits for Breakfast By.R. J. HENDRICKS Jefferson has a 1-21-38 1-21-38 1-21-38 1-21-38 1-21-38 colorful history and natural advantages that-. that-. that-. make certain a great future: 1 : , (Continuing from yesterday:) The original plat of Jefferson was filed by Jacob Conser and James M. Bates, the owners of the donation land claims that joined there.- there.- Or the'jsurvey was made and the plat drawn and fUed for them. How may we be sure of this? V v - Well, the map in the office of the county assessor of Marlon county shows that the original Jefferson townsite was tin the land claim of Jacob Conser. So does the map tn the office ol the county surveyor. They are both old maps, and ought to be correct. . But they are not. Again, how may we be certain of this? In the first place, Mrs. Julia A. Vaughn, only child of J. M. Bates, says so and she has lived on part of the property practically all of the nearly 90 years of her life. She can point out to any interested party a marker that shows the line between between the Bates, and Conser do nation ' claim that marker be ing, in sight of and only a few rods from her front door. " V S V But there are records still more enduring. And they are duplicated records, so, that ONE fire would not wipe : them out. They are the . deed records Of J Marion county. One of them shows that J. M. Bates and Margaret Bates, man and wife, joint owners of the Bates donation land claim, on January 17, 1870. deeded to "the trustees . of the Methodist Epis-copal Epis-copal Epis-copal church" of Jefferson a tract of land in the town of Jefferson in size 24 by two and a half chains, the said tract ad- ad- Joining on the west the land deeded by Jacob Conser to the Jefferson Institute. That was a liberal sized tract 1584 by 165 xeet. . That land deeded to that church was in the original town of Jefferson, and it. or at least part of it, was used far the church building and the parson age, and is still so used; at least for the church building, which still stands, as originally built. The land was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Bates. beverai more such deeds are on the deed record books'. One of Feb. 16, .1 8 5 9 , shows the sale by Bates and wife of six acres "in Jefferson" to S. B, Adams. And- And- another from Bates and wife to S. B. Adams of two and a fourth acres in Jefferson; the last named bear ing the same date, Feb. 16, 1859. - V Also, a deed - dated Jan. 5. 187, of 7396 square feet, "commencing "commencing at the northwest corner corner of the Institute." to E. E. Parrish. That was In the orig inal town of Jefferson. Also a certain clincher Bates and wife sold to E. E. Parrish lot 2 in block 4, Jefferson, containing three-quarters three-quarters three-quarters of an acre. This deed was dated July 10, 1858. Lot 2, bloc k 4. was in the original town of Jefferson, without without a doubt. But, some will say, all those transactions were made before the original plat, of Jefferson was either filed or recorded. The filing date was June 16, 1866, the recording date July 31, 1871. But that was not at all strange' or unusual. In pioneer times, people who platted towns filed their plats when they got good and ready, and recorded them when it pleased them best. Does any one have a sugges tion as to how fo find out the exact date when the surveys were made, and the plat prepared, of the original town of Jefferson? Those dates are probably beyond beyond recall, as well as the name of the surveyor and of the person person who made the plat. S S There are many Interesting and outstanding events in the history of Jefferson and vicinity. vicinity. One finds in a little book titled "Joaquin MUler's Poems,", in six volumes, of which volume one, containing Introduction and autqbiography, some paragraphs connect tnat genius with the en virons of Jefferson." l- l- Miller had told of his birth in a covered wagon pointed west; of his early days in In diana; of his mother raising and treating flax to the fiber stage and the yarn stage and fashioning the fleeces of her sheep to the spun stage, and then combining the two yarns. of wool and of flax, and weaving weaving It into cloth for use of the 1 family, and for sale to neighbors: of the .family getting the Ore gon fever; of their final start. "Yonder In the west lies the East; Yonder reaches .the road to India," later wrote Joaquin Mil ler. ... , ' The final start- start- was made. Wrote Miller in his book above mentioned: "On the 15th of May, 1852, we, 10 miles above SU Joe to avoid the multitude, . . . crossed the Missouri .Into the vast wild erness and" the .extraordinary march was commenced." A great . deal must be . omitted. Many, pages "further - on," Miller wrote:-.,. wrote:-.,. , ;.- ;.- v s "At The Dalles, . '. i papa went on . to aee' the 'officer ; in command of this military post, . . . to ask about the possibility of crossing" the Cascade mountains, mountains, . , . at that late season of the year. Tbia kind officer sent a- a- yoke of strong, fat oxen and two soldiers to see us i. to the summit. His name, we were told, y e a-r a-r a-r s later, was Grant C a p t . V. S. Grant, afterward president. (That was quite possible. possible. - - But Grant was not a captain yet. Not until the next year. "The death, of Col. Bliss of the adjutant general's depart- depart- Who 1933 IfW "' ' Corr I'M Km hm SiwAafc kit. War On the By DOROTHY The Gronse Discovers a White House . Holding Company "If the. President is not careful," careful," said The Grouse, "he will be breaking up his own family." "What do you mean?" ''All . Holding C o mpanfes ought to go,' he says, shaking back his hair and beam ing. Just like that! Off with their heads! Off with their intermediate intermediate middles! Off Doretky Tbonpcsa with the tail whlch is only tour Inches long and wags the whole dog!'" Your metaphors are getting mixed, and what has it all got to do with the President's fam ily?" "I am prepared to maintain over tne conee, saia Tne Grouse, "If you are prepared to listen, that The White House Is a Parent Holding Company, representing representing a- a- peculiarly pyramided structure, containing the most disparate elements, intimately affiliated affiliated with the Sixty American Families; a Family Holding Company, Company, furthermore, which according according to Mr. Gardiner Means is peculiarly vicious. But it seems, to be prospering so I don't know why the President wants to break it up." "Whatever are you talking about?" ; "I am," said The Grouse, "talking, as always, entirely for my own amusement. But a Holding Holding Company, my child, is a device device which Wicked Big Business .," Ten Years A90 Jannary 21, 1028 Sixty-five Sixty-five Sixty-five 'classes In Americanization Americanization are now being conducted in Oregon according to Charles A. Howard, state superintendent of public Instruction. Doris Loveland, Salem Junior at Oregon State college, has been named general chairman of Gio-coso, Gio-coso, Gio-coso, the all women's annual fun fest. . Three classes at Salem high schoof will edit 'the Clarion for the next six weeks. Elolse White will be editor of seniors, - Julia Creech, juniors, and David Eyre, sophomores! Twenty Years Ago January 21r: 191 Dr. and Mrs. Frank Snedecor are in Birmingham, Ala., for the winter months. , Mrs. Annie Little?' Barry of Berkeley, Calif., a special worker worker for the YWCA war work council, visited. In Salem ; Satnr-day. Satnr-day. Satnr-day. v State School Superintendent J. ' A. Churchill has Issued the 1918 Arbor day manual for Oregon Oregon schools. The book is Illustrated Illustrated with Oregon scenes. ment, on July 5. 1853, -promoted -promoted Grant td the captaincy of a company company at Humboldt Bay, Cal ' reads a historical record. ' m S : ' . The Bits man has, accidentally, accidentally, very recently, come across some Interesting Information. from two different sources, con cerning the place or places to which Grant went when he left Oregon, or rather Fort Vancouver. Vancouver. This matter "will have attention of this column within a short time after the comple tion of the present series. (Continued tomorrow.) ri(ta last hand is to family. of and the is As and compete, himself Inside' four-inch ten-thousand Parent not the business or to . -in dn Mr. I a is the ing by an Mr. ot bv .

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